Maple Knoll Village


Volunteers and local Mayors make their plan to deliver meals to homebound seniors.

March is national March for Meals Month to raise awareness of Meals on Wheels programs.  These programs provide nutritious meals, friendly visits, and safety checks, so that seniors can continue to live independently in their homes.  I am privileged to be a Volunteer with Maple Knoll’s Meals on Wheels program and have witnessed firsthand the joy of connection between volunteers and those served.  Such visits not only relieve the anxiety of meal deprivation; in many cases these regular visits are the sole human contact that relieves the isolation of those who are homebound and alone.  Unfortunately, there are many in our community that are in need of our services – services supported in some measure by their tax dollars in better times – but they may be unaware of their eligibility for such services.  I therefore want to take this opportunity during national March for Meals Month to urge anyone, who does not have everyday access to nutritious meals, because of age, disability, or lack of transportation, to contact Maple Knoll’s Meals on Wheels Manager Helen Dodd at 513-686-1003 or


About Maple Knoll Outreach Services for Seniors:
Maple Knoll Outreach Services for Seniors is a focal point in the community for services designed for older adults with our mission to provide a stimulating community experience by providing care and support to those we serve throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Our outreach services support homebound seniors through Meals on Wheels and nutrition programs, Transportation services, health and wellness education, connections and much more. Not only do we assist seniors in everyday life, we also set a background for new friendships to begin and existing ones to flourish.


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