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The Top 5 Misconceptions of Retirement Communities
March 29, 2012, 7:14 pm
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Retirement Communities are places where older adults go to Live Life and make the most of their later years.  Yet, some are still reluctant to make the move because of misconceptions they have about retirement living.  Such as:

1.  It’s just a nursing home…

            Many would be pleasantly surprised to discover today’s communities offer independent villas and apartments with multiple floor plans to fit almost any need.  Some offer lofts or basements for those not ready to downsize.  Meal plans, security, housekeeping, lawn service, maintenance and more, take the worries and stress from the lives of residents so they are free to enjoy life.  Retirement communities also offer assisted living apartments and skilled nursing rooms “right on campus” for when specialized services are needed.

2.  There is an unpleasant odor…

            Again, the old fashioned stigma that a retirement community is just like a stand alone nursing home is far from the truth.  Retirement communities smell just like home… if your home offers gourmet meals, freshly baked cookies and pies, open airy spaces, acres of flowers and green space, a pool and happy hour with hors d’ouevres every week!

3.  Everyone goes there when they are ready to die…

            This statement couldn’t be further from the truth!  Residents at retirement communities are looking for socialization. Many feel liberated when they can share their memories of family and experiences with new acquaintances and then create memories with their newfound friends.  Retirement neighborhoods usually offer a robust calendar of activities from overnight excursions to educational adventures, entertainment, volunteer opportunities, social hours, clubs and more.  Residents often state they are busy from morning until night with so much available.

4.  Everyone is old…

            Though the age of residents living at retirement communities is generally over the age of 55, that doesn’t make them old.  This group often lives more in one day than their family members and friends who do not take advantage of what life has to offer.  At Maple Knoll Village, in Cincinnati, Ohio, a 91 year old resident became the oldest person to indoor Go-Kart and four ladies over 75 took on zip lining at the YMCA Ozone Adventures.  And, many retirement communities have Montessori Child Centers on campus.  This intergenerational component adds joy and laughter to a community.  Old is a mindset, not a number.Image    Image

5.  You only go to one if you need help…

            If you are smart, you come to a retirement community to live the life you have always dreamed.  Taking away the monotonous chores and stresses of being a homeowner, residents at retirement communities, like Maple Knoll Village, truly Live Life.  Those that move when they are independent, and can do as they please, say it was the best decision of their lives.  Those that wait until they need help, often regret not moving sooner to capitalize on all that retirement living has to offer.

 There is no “set age” when it is best to move to a retirement community, but remember, do it sooner than later.  You will certainly be happy you did!



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