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Survey Says: Deficient Free!

One of the highest confirmations of quality service is for a healthcare facility to receive a deficiency-free survey from the State Department of Public Health. Maple Knoll Village is pleased to have been found deficiency-free on its 2012 annual state survey. This is an unusually outstanding accomplishment. The achievement is made possible by the daily commitment and dedication of an exceptional administration and staff.

Maple Knoll Village Honored 6 Star Award by The Springdale Board of Health

Each year The City of Springdale Health Department announces the select few food services that were able to achieve the Springdale 6 Star Honor Award. Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springdale, is honored to once again achieve this award in 7 different locations!

This prestigious award honors Excellence in Food Safety by considering several factors including the results of routine health inspections and current food safety training. To earn this award the following criteria must be met: less than 2 Critical violations during routine Health Department inspections per license year, no follow up inspections / license year, no Smoke Free violations / license year, in good standing with other City of Springdale agencies, and have a valid food license according to the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code for one full license year and renewed license by due date. In addition, a few educational requirements must be met. These are that the individuals in charge must show proof of ServSafe Certification or equivalent food safety training.

Maple Knoll was given this coveted award in the following areas: Beecher Place Dining Room, Bodmann Pavilion Skilled Nursing’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, Breese Manor Dining Room, The Main Street Café and The Manor House Restaurant. The Main Street Café and The Manor House Restaurant are both open to the public while the other areas cater to the dining needs of residents only.

For more information on Maple Knoll Village or how you can dine at one of these locations please call 513.782.2423.

Technology to the Rescue For Aging Populations

A villa on the campus of Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springdale, has been transformed into a learning and test environment for the development of technologies aimed at keeping seniors in their own homes or communities longer.

Known as the Innovation Collaboratory House, the villa is a partnership between several University of Cincinnati (UC) colleges and Maple Knoll Village. It’s home to telehealth robots and patient simulators, and is now the testing ground for innovative student projects aimed at detecting falls, preventing medication errors and making life easier for an aging population.

UC and Maple Knoll Village hosted a public open house and ribbon cutting to showcase this innovative partnership and “smart” villa on Thursday, June 26, from 10 a.m. to noon, on the campus of Maple Knoll Village, 11100 Springfield Pike. Steve Wilson, chairman of the Maple Knoll Communities board, acted as emcee as Maple Knoll Village CEO Jim Formal and UC Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Beverly Davenport, PhD held a proclamation signing and formal ribbon cutting. Senators Eric Kearney and Bill Seitz were on hand to voice their support for this necessary project.

“An ever-growing population of older adults need health care,” says Jim Formal, CEO of Maple Knoll Village. “Every month, more than a quarter million Americans turn 65, and Ohio ranks sixth in the nation in the sheer size of this age population.

“It’s imperative that we develop technologies that allow people to age in their homes or communities for longer periods, leaving long-term care placement as a last resort.”

Debi Sampsel, who holds a doctor of nursing practice degree and is chief officer of innovation and entrepreneurship at the UC College of Nursing, has spearheaded the creation of the Innovation Collaboratory House. She says that without innovations like the ones being developed there through collaboration with UC’s colleges of nursing, medicine and engineering and applied science, Ohio Medicaid expenditures will consume half of the state budget by 2020 and continue to increase in subsequent years.

But aside from financial reasons, Sampsel agrees that, for many, aging in place can improve quality of life.

“We’ve all heard stories of family members and friends who believe their loved ones would have been better off if they were able to remain in their own homes or communities to live out their final years,” says Sampsel. “The Innovation Collaboratory House at Maple Knoll Village allows us to work directly with an aging population to find out what kinds of technologies would make aging in place a real possibility.”

But, Sampsel says, because aging in place isn’t a solution that will work for those with more serious health needs, the Innovation Collaboratory House also gives UC and Maple Knoll Village the opportunity to train future health care providers in the care of geriatric populations.

The UC Mascot snaps photos with guests at the event

The UC Mascot snaps photos with guests at the event

Projects currently under development at the Innovation Collaboratory House include:
•A fall detection system that uses technology many already have in their homes—the Microsoft X-Box “Kinect” video game system.
•The use of exoskeleton technology to assist the elderly with sitting and standing.
•Development of systems and sensors that monitor the opening and closing of things like refrigerators and even medication dispensers.

Nursing and medical students and residents are also using the on-site telehealth robots to train for a future of health care interactions that could take place via telehealth technologies.

UC and Maple Knoll Village have a 30-year history of working together in nursing, medicine and pharmacy education and practice.

Maple Knoll Warns of Heat Risks with Older Adults

After the winter that Cincinnati had we all are wanting to enjoy this nice weather! But did you know that summer heat kills more than any other type of weather?

It is also predicted that this summer’s temperatures will be higher than normal for Cincinnati. A federal study found that 40% of heat related deaths were in people aged 65 and older. In fact, the elderly have an increased risk for heat related problems such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. There are many reasons this occurs such as the older body holds far less water than a younger one. The elderly have decreased thirst recognition and ability to sense temperature changes. Medicines can interfere with the ability to sweat which cools and individual off. Medicines also can increase urination which deplete fluids in the body.

Maple Knoll Village, a nonprofit continuing care retirement community in Springdale, knows how important it is to be informed on heat risks. Maple Knoll Risk Management Director Karen Pendleton even touched base with us to share some tips and things to look for this summer. Some common symptoms of dehydration include headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and sunken eyes. Those experiencing heat exhaustion often have muscle cramps, low blood pressure, rapid pulse and nausea. If someone is having a heat stroke they often have a body temperature of 104 or high, they could be having seizures, or loss of consciousness that could potentially lead to death.

To avoid these issues Karen recommends drinking plenty of water and always having water with you, stay in cool areas (such as your home, local mall, senior center, etc.), sit in front of a fan, mist yourself with water, save chores for later in the day as it is cooler, keep house shades and blinds closed, eat lighter meals and check in with family members regularly. If you are caring for an older loved one please check in with them frequently.
If someone is already experiencing these issues then take them to a cool area immediately. Loosen or remove clothing to help cool them and apply cold compresses to their neck, armpits and groin. Provide plenty of fluids and seek medical attention if necessary.

We encourage everyone to stay cool this summer! If you have questions on additional ways to stay safe during the summer months or on Maple Knoll Village please call 513.782.2423.

Maple Knoll Village celebrates National Nursing Home Week

May 12th-16th is National Nursing Home Week and employees at Maple Knoll Village have been celebrating with a weeklong series of themed events. Maple Knoll Village is a non-profit continuing care retirement community, owned and operated by Maple Knoll Communities Inc., with a history of nearly 165 years of serving older adults. Located on a beautiful 54-acre campus, our community offers 143 villas, 125 apartments, 62 assisted living apartments and a 145-bed skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center.

National Nursing Home Week is an opportunity to thank employees for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. A generous donation by a previous resident’s family as well as a current resident has helped us acknowledge dedication and hard work while still being mindful of economic constraints. In addition local companies we generous enough to provide donations that serve as prizes for employees.

Every day employees are able to participate in an activity or event on their breaks and a meal is served to them. Each event is hosted by a different department at Maple Knoll and also educates employees on what their coworkers in other areas do on a daily basis.

The week kicked off and ended with Maple Knoll employees “giving back”. On Monday employees gave back by assisting residents in skilled nursing with a wheelchair walk through the gardens. Children of the Montessori Child Center cheered skilled nursing residents and employees on as they neared the finish line. The week ended with employees donating canned goods to a food pantry at The Meadows, a Senior HUD Housing Facility. A variety of fun events took place between these days to help celebrate employees’ dedication through the year.

Monday’s theme was “Living The Aloha Spirit” and featured Hawaiian games and food, chances to win prizes, and education on a healthy lifestyle. Tuesday’s theme was “Staying Cool” and employees celebrated with an ice cream social, free health screenings, games and more. Wednesday’s theme of “Pitching In” encouraged employees to help one another. Throughout the day they enjoyed sports games were played, educational sessions on recycling and stretching were given, and a baseball themed buffet featuring nachos, hot dogs and more was enjoyed by all. Thursday’s theme was “Breakfast of Champions” featuring a breakfast buffet, games, prizes, photo opportunities and an egg eating contest! The celebration for National Nursing Home Week ended with “Super Friday” to honor our employees who act as super heros to our residents. Employees brought in additional can goods for the food pantry, partook in games, super hero themed food and educational pieces.

Because of generous supporters in The Maple Knoll community and in surrounding communities Maple Knoll employees are able to feel appreciated for their hard work through the year. By visiting different areas they can also learn what brings Maple Knoll together and how it works as a whole. For more information on National Nursing Home Week or Maple Knoll Village please call 513.782.2423.Ice Cream Social NNHM 006

Miami students make impact at Maple Knoll Village

Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springdale has been developing its partnership with Miami University and one group of students in particular are making a big impact. Students from Miami University’s Gerontological Nursing Program, donate time every week to put a smile on the faces of those in skilled nursing.

Students make the long drive from Miami to Maple Knoll every Monday to socialize with residents and assist staff. These students include: Vicki Cheng, Amanda Lowry, Angela Wolf, Alyssa Logan, Christine Ture, Rachel Clark, Tonja Fangman, Hailey Holman. As these students prepare to be nurses, this program is designed to help them see the whole person they are caring for, not just their medical needs.

During their weekly visits the students visit with residents, plan and facilitate activities and help activity coordinator Vickie Hitchcock as needed. Some of their recent activities include a Mardi Gras celebration complete with decorations, a parade and karaoke! They also planned a St. Patrick’s Day party and celebrated Cincinnati’s favorite holiday, Opening Day. The students’ activities aren’t just limited to the holidays. With the residents, they have participated in “Laugh Aerobics”, played bingo and gone on walks in the beautiful garden at Maple Knoll Village.

Both the residents and the students can benefit from the relationships they build throughout the school semester. Vickie Hitchcock, activity coordinator says “The program has had an amazing effect on the residents by allowing them to partake in new experiences and people”.

Resident Mary Renneker confirms that statement by sharing, “These kids are really making it feel like home around here, I wish we could do this everyday.”

For more information on The Miami Nursing students, volunteering at Maple Knoll or simply Maple Knoll Village in general, please call 513.782.2423.

Bodmann Pavilion at Maple Knoll to have Easter Egg Hunt for Skilled Nursing family, employees

Maple Knoll Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springdale, has a long history of providing services such as residential accommodations, assisted living, rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. Maple Knoll makes it their mission to provide joyous experiences to all residents and their family members, including ones in The Bodmann Skilled Nursing Pavilion. One way they are able to do so is through events such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt for those who work, live or have a loved one living in skilled nursing.

On April 12th, 2014 from 3-4:30pm Bodmann Pavilion Activities will host and Easter Egg Hunt and party that is open to Bodmann residents with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Also invited are Bodmann employees children. The Easter Egg Hunt will be broken into three age groups: ages 1-3, ages 4-6, and ages 7-10.

Snacks and prizes for the children will be held in the Maple Knoll Village auditorium after the event. All children must be accompanied by an adult. This event is only open to those with a loved one living in Bodmann Pavilion or to those who work in Bodmann Pavilion. For questions please contact Debbie Cattran at 513-782-2434.

Maple Knoll Residents and Staff to Showcase at Annual Art Show

Maple Knoll Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Springdale, is dedicated to stimulating the minds of our residents, staff and visitors. One way they are able to do so is through the creative works shown in The Main Street Gallery.

Centrally located on the campus of Maple Knoll Village the Main Street Gallery features different art shows every 6-8 weeks. These shows range from single artists to groups and range from oil paintings, watercolor, photography, woodworking and more. All works are for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Maple Knoll Future Care Fund, a benevolent care program for residents in need.
Once a year, The Main Street Gallery is opened up for residents and staff to showcase their works. The works that will be featured vary between watercolor, photography, quilting and more. While many of our residents and staff remain involved in the art industry through clubs such as The Cincinnati Art Club, Hilltop Artists and Cincinnati Watercolor Association, some see this exhibit as their only way to showcase their talented work. Maple Knoll also has an art committee comprised of four residents artists and two development staff members who work together to select upcoming shows.

Jim Hoeh, Director of Corporate and Referral Development, shares that “it is incredible to see the talent and creativity of those living and working on our campus. I have already seen the pieces for this show and the professionalism and beauty of them is outstanding.”
art show 009
The Main Street Gallery will feature resident and staff work starting February 21st through April 2nd, 2014. This exhibit is open to the public and free to view from 7am-8pm seven days a week. For questions please call The Maple Knoll Development Department at 513.782.2462.


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